8 Ethical Items You Should Pack for Your Next Trip

Looking cute, saving space, and jaunting about sustainably can all happen at the same time, especially when you’re passionate about ethical travel. This is the ultimate roundup of practical and sustainable items that will make traveling so much easier for you.


Some people neglect the importance of sunscreen, but it is a must-have, especially during warmer months! It prevents you from harmful UV rays, sunburns and sunspots during your trip. This Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 contains vegan, non-greasy formulas. It glides on easily, absorbs quickly, and makeup sits well on top of it. Thus it makes a great primer for your makeup. Now you’ve just saved a spot for two more lipsticks in your makeup bag thanks to this duo-function product!


Another item that goes hand in hand with the sunscreen is this Palm Leaf Sun Hat. It will not only shield your face from the hot summer rays but also make a great accessory. This wide-brimmed hat is perfect for a hot day by the pool, at the lake, or at the beach. This color and shape make this hat go well with any summer outfits.


The secret to staying cute and fresh in the summer heat is to pack this travel-size Coco + Vanilla Hair Mist. It gives you effortless beachy waves throughout the day and really adds volume and texture to your hair. Also, don’t be fooled by its name! It’s also a body product that will keep your body nice and moisturized. You can spray it all over your body for beautifully hydrated skin. Another great two-in-one item, isn’t it? 

You might have learned from your past travel experience that you should refrain from packing liquid products! They might spill on your clothes and sometimes are not TSA friendly. This Red Bar Soap is a great substitute for both face and body wash. It’s easy to carry and is formulated to brighten dull, tired and overworked skin that you might have in a busy trip.

If there is only one bag you’re bringing to your summer vacation, it has to be this Woven Drum Bag. A straw bag is the ultimate summer bag, instantly elevating any summer look. This bag is handmade by artisans from Vietnam. It’s made from unique wild grass which makes it lightweight, durable, and great for traveling.

Once you have your handbag situation set, having quick and easy access to cards, coins, and more is a must. We love the bright colors and simple functionality of this Woven Coin Purse.

In terms of shoes, two pairs would suffice: one pair of athletic shoes and another pair of mules. Mules like these Paloma Open Toe Mules are so popular and versatile. Nude virtually matches any fit you are going to rock. They are also super comfortable thanks to the block heels and soft leather insole. They are going to make you look chic and stay comfy for the whole trip!


When you are unsure about what kind of jewelry to pack, go with the classic and simple ones. Statement necklaces like this Totem Necklace make accessorizing so much easier because you can literally wear them with any blouse, shirt, dress…you name it. It can be worn by itself, or you can layer other short necklaces on top of it. It will instantly make your outfits more elevated, even when you are just wearing basic tees and jeans.



Danlin Huang

Danlin Huang

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